What do you think about Ezoic?

I have heard a lot about Ezoic these days. I want to know if anybody has used it, what good things it does to your website?

Please share your views. That will help me.

Kind Regards…

Its good for the small sites, sometimes it boots the earning by 20-30% if placement is good.

Ezoic is a programm that connects with Ad Networks to optimize your revenue from them. No, it is not like Google AdSense. It does not pay you and is also free but actually, it optimizes your Website like optimizing content, testing ads to increase your revenue etc.

Ezoic works by connecting it with your AdSense and then it seamlessly do amazing experiments using its artificial intelligence to increase your Earnings. They take a very little part of your earnings but in return they give you double.

Ezoic is All in One Tool to Optimize your Website for more earnings in a safe way.