Strcmp to search

Basically I want to compare 2 strings, the one that the user input previously, and with the strings saved in local memory in order to search if it has other data with the same local that the user wants, and if it has, then display all of them;
This is the function that I’m thinking, it works,but it doesn’t display the ones that match

 void Pesquisa_Local(NODO *raiz, char local_aux) {
		if (raiz==NULL) return;
			if (strcmp(local_aux,raiz->info.local)==0)//Comparação das duas strings
               printf("%i: - %s: - %s: - %i: -  %i: \n", raiz->info.num, raiz->info.nome, raiz->info.local, raiz->, raiz->info.qtdMedalhas); 
            printf("Nenhum cavalo com a localidade pretendida.\n");
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