Need an opinion on Online Courses

Hi, I am a novice in coding but trying my best to self learn whatever I can through tutorials, solving problems on coding platforms like Interviewbit, Leetcode n more…but what I feel am lacking in my base knowledge on how to approach problems like I find myself spending hours or maybe days on certain problems since I am not sure about what approach should I go about…

Recently I learnt about Scaler Academy, a 6 month-online course program, they have pretty good reviews n success stories and course seem to be apt based on what I am looking for:) but the only thing is that they have an entrance test to get into their program…

So m trying to keep my options open incase i don’t get into their program…so could u’ll help with other such programs that u’ll have come across that are good.

Thanks in advance:)

You can take reputed courses from udemy or skillshare

If you’re looking for certification courses, it’s rather better to approach institutions that offer certifications and ask if they’re offering online certification.


Hi @techgeek
If you are looking for placement related courses, to be honest, there is no such thing still exists. But there are several things that exist and totally free which you need to compile. Here are a few points, I can add

  1. You need to have strong command over DSA. All the product based companies test the only coding ability for freshers via campus/off-campus hirings. There are several practice websites hosting thousands of problems and it’s difficult to be prepared within a short span of time. That’s why we have curated the page to feature some of the most frequent problems. All the problems here are of easy-medium levels and you should be able to solve all. If you are able to solve all then you can regularly participate in Leetcode weekly contests which will help to be a consistent problem solver. Your major focus area should be trees, graph, Dynamic programming.

  2. Now coming to other points. Few most asked subjects are DBMS, OS, Networking. It totally depends on the company types. Most of the banks like GS, DB asks from DBMS while companies like Samsung, Qualcomm asks from networks a lot.

  3. You need to have strong OOP concept. Most of the companies will test your OOP knowledge for sure.

  4. Study common puzzles too. GS, Samsung kind of companies asks puzzle often.

  5. Few companies like Amazon do hold bar-raiser round where you should expect questions on behavioural, leadership etc. Do browse this type of questions.

  6. To sum up, these are the area you should cover. Freshers are not expected to learn system design, but still, if you have some basic concepts, it may give you an edge.

Last but not the least, you should have a good profile and a good profile is impossible with good projects, open-source contributions, internships.

So, overall what I wanted to say you can do all yourself, just have a concrete plan. Ask your doubts here. Follow our website. Do coding. have strong subject concepts. If you study properly for 6 months, you can surely crack any interview if you have the luck factor with you( At the end of the end luck matters).

Please love the post if you find this helpful. Also, we have some plans to organize free boot-camps on “interview preparation” if we meet certain demand from users.

Also, do check all the reviews on the paid course you mentioned. There are several paid courses which promise job offer, but that sometimes narrow down to some limited students only. Best way to get a job is from your campus placement. Also, look around for off-campus placements.

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