I want detail page opened by a href click by any method

 while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) {


                    $x = 0;
                    while ($x < 1) {
                        $j = 0;
                        //$i = 0;
                        while ($j < 1) {
                        	echo "<td>Entry No. " . $row['id'] . "Company " . $row['company'] . "</h3><b> Name : <a href='data.php'?id=" . $row['name'] . ">" . $row['name'] . "</a> Contact No : </b>" . $row['mobile'] . "<br><b>Address : </b>" . $row['address'] . "<br><b> City : </b> " . $row['area'] . "</td>";
                            $j = 1;
                        $x = 1;
                    $x = 0;
                    echo "<tr>";
                echo "</table>";

Hi @umeshshah

I’'d like to understand exactly what do you want to open in the detail page?
Do you mind detailing a bit more about your question as it isn’t very clear to me.

i want to open mysql database field like company, name, address, city, contact no, email, web address and also two images
from click link on name which displayed

I’d suggest that you create the href based on a primary key (say UserID)
e.g. href="/details.php?UserID=id"

then you can get the UserID param from url and run a database query
e.g. SELECT name, company, address, city, contact, email, web from 'Table_Name' WHERE UserID IS id;

This way you can execute unique command for every href.

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i send total 2 images
1 open and search data

i want to get result just like image 2

i use the sql
$sql = "SELECT * FROM customers WHERE category= '{$pcategory}' And area= '{$parea}' And validity >= '{$newdate}'";

Then what is Your concern?

i try this one but screen is totally blank
no result display
i want to get result when i click on the name the complete detail of that particular row will be discribe
if you need to get my pc on anydesk i am ready now

I don’t know what Your logic is.
I don’t usually take remote access for free. If you are willing to pay me to fix your code, I’ll be happy to help. Feel free to Message me or send an email to bhanu@orng.co

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if you need i send you a my searching code

I don’t need it per se!
If you need help, learn to be polite first.