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In C++
Functional Requirements: Create a type of story game by implementing two dynamic stacks that hold words. The first stack will hold nouns and the second stack will hold verbs. Then we will use the words to fill in the blanks of a story we have already created. Your story (create your own story) must be at least 2 sentences long and it must have at least 8 blanks. You will pull either a noun or a verb from the appropriate stack as needed for your story. This is built on the idea of AdLIbs…sort of - just have some fun.

**Dynamic stacks is section 19.2 in your textbook, starting on page 1182. You will be creating a linked list to implement this.

Programming Requirements:

Create a looping menu-driven program to demonstrate your code so that the user has the choice of:

  1.  Push Noun (push a noun onto the Noun Stack)

  2.  Pop Noun (pop a noun off of the Noun Stack)

  3.  Push Verb (push a verb onto the Verb Stack)

  4.  Pop Verb (pop a verb off of the Verb Stack)

  5.  Concatenate  (the top two words on the Noun Stack and replace those two words with the resultant concatenation.  (Shorten          resultant word if necessary.)

  6.  Add an "s"  (to the end of the top word on the Noun Stack)

  7.   Display Both Stacks

  8.  Make a Story (Pop words from the appropriate stacks and use them to fill in the blanks of a story that you have created.  Display the story.)

Validation rules:

Two levels of validation are required: high-level in main (while loop to control user input) and low-level in the mutators which will cause an exit_failure if the strings they receive are not valid.

Push: Words cannot be blank and they cannot be longer than 10 letters.

Pop - validate for stack not being empty.

Concatenate - validate for at least two words on the stack.

Add an S - validate for stack not empty.

Make a Story - validate that there are enough words on the stack to fill in all your blanks. If not then notify user and do not display the story.

Programming Notes :

Make sure main() is properly organized into functions and don’t forget to document your code including your class. You must implement with two dynamic stacks. 0 points for not using dynamic stacks or for using any C++ STL. Code that does not have two separate stacks (noun and verb) will receive 0 points.

Dear @jthejackson
What’s the issue with implementing this?
You have to implement the stack using LinkedList. Can you mention where do you need the help?

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Hello! I am not sure how this forum works I just signed up, but I kind of just needed someone to complete the code for me, it is due tonight and I haven’t been able to figure out. Hence the $30 offer for completing assignment, let me know if you’re interested. Thanks!

Is this still required?