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2 August 10, 2019
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Using C# to write a program to display the Pythagorean Triples table according to the number of sets required by user 2 October 9, 2019
Write a converter program that provide a menu to user as show in below using C#: 2 October 9, 2019
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Program that allow user to enter a series of numbers and determine the three largest numbers and three smallest numbers 3 September 29, 2019
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C++ code for graduate project 8 September 10, 2019
Top-down and bottom-up approach in C/C++ programming 2 September 7, 2019
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Convert number into words in C language 3 September 5, 2019
C program to enter a number 1-999 or 0 to terminate and make it into words and in roman numerals 2 August 29, 2019